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What you'll need to get started...

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Why do I need these things?
Later on in the process, we’ll ask you for some numbers we need to activate your phone, including SIM number, Activation Code, your phone’s IMEI (serial number), and the number from your driver’s license or other personal ID.
If you want to transfer an existing phone number, you’ll also need the account number and PIN/password for your existing account.

  1. Your Family Mobile phone(s) and the packaging they came in
  2. Your Family Mobile Starter Kit(s)
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    A Starter Kit is required for each phone number to be activated. Some older kits may be labeled "Activation Kit", and will work as well. Starter kits can be purchased at participating Walmart stores.
  3. Your driver’s license or other personal ID
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    Accepted forms of personal identification:

    • U.S. Driver’s license
    • U.S. military ID (active duty or retired)
    • U.S. passport
    • U.S. territory IDs (e.g. Puerto Rico ID)
    • U.S. permanent resident card (green card, resident alien card)
    • Federally-issued disability ID card
    • State or federally-issued ID card
    • Tribal-issued ID card
    • Canadian driver’s license
    • Matricula Consular ID card (Mexican government ID)
    • Foreign passport
    • Visa
    • New York state benefit card
    • New York state learner's permit

Activate your phones

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