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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is a WebPak?

    Your WebPak allows you to access the Web from your phone and also enables you to purchase other products and services that are not included in your monthly bill. Here’s what you can do with your WebPak:

    • Access the Web from your phone.
    • Download ringtones, games, and more,
    • Send and receive picture messages, email, and instant messages.
    • Make international long distance calls.
    • Roam in select countries outside the U.S.
    • Make 411 calls.

    When you activate your Family Mobile service, your account is automatically set up with a WebPak; it is a single bucket of dollars or megabytes that is shared across all lines on your account.

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  • Can I control who is able to use the WebPak?

    Yes. If you ever want to turn off access to WebPak services for any of the lines on your account, you can use the WebPak On/Off setting in the Prepaid WebPak section of

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  • How do I keep track of the amount remaining in my WebPak?

    There are several easy ways to keep track of your WebPak:

    • Dial #999# from your mobile phone any time to see your WebPak dollars and megabytes remaining.
    • Sign in to and check the WebPak section on the home page.
    • Call 611 from your Family Mobile phone to hear your WebPak dollars and megabytes.

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  • How do I add dollars (or megabytes) to my WebPak?

    There are several options for adding dollars to your WebPak. You can buy prepaid WebPak refill cards at participating Walmart stores , or you can refill by phone or online using your credit card, debit card, or checking account. Just dial 611 from your Family Mobile phone or access your account online at

    The available options when purchasing a prepaid WebPak refill are:

    • $40 (1000 MB) (You get an extra $10 applied to your WebPak when you buy a $40 prepaid WebPak refill)
    • $25 (500 MB)
    • $10 (200 MB)

    To add a prepaid WebPak refill card to your WebPak, go to the Prepaid WebPak area on your home page and click the “Redeem” button. You can also redeem a card through the automated phone system by calling 611 from your Family Mobile phone or dialing 1-877-440-9758 from any phone.

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  • Can I use my WebPak to pay my bill?

    No. Your WebPak is never used to pay your monthly bill for calling and text messaging; only the services listed above are deducted from your WebPak.

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  • What is the pricing of the products and services that get deducted from my WebPak?

    Here’s what the most common WebPak services cost:

    • Web access is charged at five cents per megabyte – for reference, one megabyte is equal to about 80 page views on the Yahoo mobile site, or 30 page views on the full Yahoo site.
    • Downloads such as ringtones, games, and wallpapers are charged to your WebPak based on the price of the specific item you buy.
    • Each picture message sent or received costs five cents.
    • Email usage is deducted based on the size of the email; an email with a large file attachment will deduct more from your WebPak than a text-only email.
    • 411 calls cost $1.79 each.
    • International long distance costs 5 cents per minute to Mexico and 13 other select countries; see the section on International Calling for full details and pricing.

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  • Why can’t I access WebPak services from my phone?

    First, be sure to check that your WebPak isn’t too low for the product or service you are trying to access.

    If that’s not the problem, it could be that the Primary Account Holder on your account has turned off WebPak access for your line.

    Only active mobile numbers can access WebPak services. If your account or line has been suspended, you will need to reactivate it by making the required minimum payment or calling Customer Service.

    Finally, BlackBerry and Sidekick devices cannot be used on the Family Mobile network for Web usage and picture messaging at this time.

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