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  • Speed Boost options overview

    This page explains the Speed Boost options available to customers on the rate plan.

    This page also describes other optional features available to Family Mobile customers, and the ways in which features can be managed on your account.

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  • Speed Boost options

    Our Speed Boost Options give customers with 3G-capable phones additional high-speed access. Optional Speed Boost amounts are added on top of the included 1GB of Speed Boost, and shared across all lines on the account. Speed Boost will not enhance web speeds when outside of 3G coverage areas.

    Customers on the following rate plans can purchase Speed Boost Options:

    Rate Plans Speed Boost Options Available?
    1. Unlimited Talk, Text & Web ($45/$35 per month)*
    2. Promotional Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web ($40/$35 per month)*

    * No longer available
    Yes. Customers can purchase the following Speed Boost Options:
    1. 1GB Speed Boost for $10/month
    2. 3GB Speed Boost for $20/month
    3. 8GB Speed Boost for $40/month
    1. Family Mobile Unlimited Talk & Text ($24.88/$19.88 per month)
    2. Family Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web ($39.88/$34.88 per month)
    1. Family Mobile Unlimited Talk & Text does not include any data.
    2. Family Mobile Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web includes 2.5 GB of high-speed data per line.

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  • Managing your Speed Boost Option

    You can manage your Speed Boost Option in the following ways:

    1. Log in to your account at
    2. In the Account Summary section, click Change next to the current Speed Boost option.
    3. Select the desired Speed Boost Option.
      Note: you must be the primary account holder or have full web permissions to make this change.

    Automated system (IVR)

    1. Call the toll-free automated phone system at 611, or 1-877-760-8760.
    2. Enter your phone number and account PIN. You will hear a brief summary of your account activity, followed by the main menu.
    3. Select the option for Account Maintenance, followed by the option to manage your Speed Boost.

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  • Speed Boost allotment calculations

    The Unlimited Talk, Text and Web plan comes with 1GB of shared 3G speed data, after which the data speed is slowed to 2G. Additional 3G speed data is available for purchase via optional Speed Boost features as described above. Total combined allotments are calculated as follows:

  • Feature Name Included w/Plan Total Allotment
    1GB Speed Boost 1GB 2GB
    3GB Speed Boost 4GB
    8GB Speed Boost 9GB
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    • Signal Booster Registration

      A signal booster is a device that helps to extend the cellular coverage footprint in areas of weak or poor coverage.

      To ensure signal boosters are not interfering with cellular coverage the FCC has mandated signal boosters be registered with carriers. Additionally, users are required to register their boosters prior to use. The carrier can then use this information when troubleshooting network issues. In the event a booster is causing problems on the network registration helps carriers identify and locate the booster. Registration helps to protect consumers and carriers by streamlining network troubleshooting ensuring a positive signal experience.

      To register your signal booster, please use the Signal Booster Registration Tool.

      Important: Some browsers will return an error for users when accessing the tool. Follow the steps below to address this issue:

    1. Click the link to the Signal Booster Registration tool above.
    2. An error is received stating the tool does not support the current version of your browser.
    3. Click the Signal Booster Registration link at the top of the page.
    4. The page refreshes and a link to the tool is visible below the error message. Note: Do not click Close within the error message.
    5. Click Register my New Signal Booster. The page refreshes and you are able to fill out the registration form.

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    • Other optional features

      These following optional features are all available at no charge upon request.


  • Feature Name Feature Description
    Content Blocking Blocks downloadable content, i.e., games, ringtones, and wallpaper.
    International Long Distance Barring Restricts calls to international numbers from your Family Mobile phone, regardless of Extras Pack balance.
    International Roaming Provides you with the ability to make and receive calls while roaming internationally.
    Note: This feature also requires an Extras Pack balance.
    Message Blocking Blocks the following message types:
    • Incoming text messages (SMS)
    • Outgoing text messages (SMS)
    • Picture Messages (MMS)
    • Instant Messages (IM)
    • Email

    To add or remove these features from your account, call Customer Service during our regular hours of operation. Enter your phone number and account PIN. You will hear a brief summary of your account activity, followed by the main menu. At the main menu, select the option for Account Maintenance, followed by the option to make changes to your account.

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