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  • Transfer an existing phone number overview

    You can transfer your existing phone number into Family Mobile. Just let us know you want to keep your number when you begin activation.

    Do not cancel your account with your previous provider prior to transferring your number!

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  • Dual service

    When you transfer your service to Family Mobile, you will experience a period of dual service. Both your old and new service provider's handsets are partially active allowing you to make outgoing phone calls on both handsets, but only receive incoming calls on one. Dual service typically lasts no longer than 24 hours. You will not have access to voicemail on either device and must reset it once the transfer is complete.

    If you dial 911 during this time, tell the operator your exact location in case of a dropped call.

    Until you receive a text message stating the transfer is complete, carry both handsets. If you are using your current provider's handset with Family Mobile, you may not receive calls from customers who have service with your current provider during these 24 hours of dual service.

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  • Required information

    In order for Family Mobile to properly process your request to transfer a phone number you must first provide the below information for the account you are transferring from:

    • Name as it appears on the bill from original carrier
    • Social Security number associated with original account (if applicable)
    • Billing account number
    • Account Password or PIN from original account (only if applicable)

    If any of this information is incorrect or not provided, the transfer will be delayed.

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  • Transfer confirmation notifications

    When the transfer of your phone number is complete and your Family Mobile account is active, you will receive a text message welcoming you to Family Mobile.

    "Welcome to Family Mobile, the Unlimited Family Plan at a Family Price! To manage your account, visit Your mobile number is xxx-xxx-xxxx."

    "Your temporary password is X."

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  • Transfer timelines

    Transfer timelines depend on the type of service you had with your previous service provider and if the account information provided is correct.

    If you had postpaid service with your previous service provider the transfer can take between two and 24 hours.

    If you had prepaid service, the transfer can take between 24 and 72 hours. If you are unable to make and/or receive calls on your new Family Mobile account after the time above has expired, please contact Customer Service.

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