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  • International dialing/roaming overview

    Use this page to learn how to dial international numbers while roaming in another country.

    International roaming occurs when you use Family Mobile service in another country. You will receive a text message notifying you that you are roaming. Roaming charges will apply.

    When roaming internationally, you must follow specific dialing patterns to complete international calls.

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  • Contacting Customer Service while roaming

    Dial 611 from your handset free of charge while traveling abroad.

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  • Data while roaming

    You can use data while roaming in Mexico, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Haiti. Data usage while roaming in these countries is deducted from your Extras Pack at $15/MB. For details, see Extras Pack.

    Data includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Data synching (calendar, contacts, email)
    • Web browsing (Internet sites, streaming audio/video)
    • Downloads (MP3s, ringtones, applications)
    • Email
    • Instant messaging/Chat

    Turning off all features that sync automatically will help you avoid using excessive data while roaming.

    • If you have a Family Mobile phone,see Phones and Devices for more details about your phone's specific auto-syncing features.
    • If you have a non-Family Mobile phone, consult your user guide.

    To turn off your Extras Pack entirely, see Extras Pack.

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  • Dialing international numbers

    To dial international phone numbers, you need to enter the correct sequence of numbers.

    1. Dial +. The + replaces the IDD code for the U.S. (011).
    2. Dial the international calling code
    3. Dial the city code (If a 0 precedes the city code, remove it from the dialing pattern)
    4. Dial the phone number.


    Location IDD Country Code City or Mobile Code Phone Number Entire Number
    Dialing from the U.S. to London, UK + 44 20 XXXX XXXX +44 20 XXXX XXXX
    Dialing from outside the U.S. to London, UK + 44 171 XXXX XXXX +44 171 XXXX XXXX

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  • Family Controls while roaming

    Family Controls will NOT restrict phone usage when roaming on another network (e.g., internationally).

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  • International dialing and roaming billing

    International long distance and roaming calls are deducted from your Extras Pack by the minute. You can call the following countries at a reduced long distance rate of $0.05/minute:

    • Argentina
    • Belgium
    • Bermuda
    • Canada
    • China
    • Colombia
    • Costa Rica
    • Hong Kong
    • India
    • Malaysia
    • Mexico
    • Singapore
    • South Korea
    • Thailand

    Family Mobile customers can roam in four countries:

    • Canada
    • Dominican Republic
    • Haiti
    • Mexico

    For international roaming rates, see Roaming internationally

    For a complete list of countries and calling rates, see International Rates.

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  • Messaging rates while roaming

    You can send and receive messages to and from international numbers while roaming.

    Calling from the United States

    Calling to an international number (including Canada):

    • Receiving text - Free
    • Sending text - $0.20
    • Receiving MMS (picture message) - $0.05
    • Sending MMS - $0.05

    Calling from outside the United States

    Calling to a U.S. or international number:

    • Receiving text - Free
    • Sending text - $0.35
    • Exception: Sending text to Canada - $0.20

    • Receiving MMS - $0.35
    • Sending MMS - $0.35

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  • Roaming internationally

    You can roam internationally in Canada, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, and Mexico.

    Rates per minute

    Dominican Republic and Mexico: $1.49

    Haiti: $1.99

    Canada: $0.69 (U.S. only). Calling from inside Canada to the U.S. and receiving calls from the U.S. while inside Canada are deducted from your Extras Pack at $0.69 per minute.

    See a complete list of countries and international dialing rates while roaming in Canada.

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