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  • Activation overview

    Use this page to learn how to activate service with Family Mobile, or how to add a line to your existing account.

    We'll cover activation requirements, where and how to activate, and what happens after activation.

    During activation, you can either have a new number assigned or transfer your existing mobile number from your current wireless service provider. If transferring your current number, be sure to read about that process.

    Remember, Family Mobile is not a prepaid service. You will not be asked to pay in advance for service, and will receive a bill later.

    Service Fees Family Mobile Unlimited Talk & Text
    Primary Line $24.88/mo*
    Additional lines (up to 5 per account) $19.88/mo
    Optional Family Mobile 4G/LTE Data 1 GB 4G/LTE $5/month per subscriber line
    3 GB 4G/LTE $15/month per subscriber line
    *Customers who activated service prior to July 14, 2013 may have different service fees.
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  • About the primary account holder

    The first line activated on Family Mobile by default becomes the primary account holder. This is the person who is ultimately responsible for paying the bill for the account. When activating service, the first line activated should be the user who will assume this responsibility.

    The primary account holder has rights and authority greater than the other lines on the account. Primary account holders can do the following:

    • Determine the online access levels for other users via
    • Set Family Controls to manage how others use their accounts.
    • Turn Extras Pack on or off for users.
    • Turn data on or off for users (if on the Unlimited Talk, Text & Web plan).

    Important: If you cancel the primary account holder line (the first line activated on the account), the next line that was activated automatically becomes the primary account holder. If you are activating multiple lines, make sure the second line activated on your account belongs to someone you would want to inherit the Primary Account Holder role in the event the first line on the account is ever cancelled.

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  • Activation methods

    You can activate new Family Mobile service through any of the following methods:

    • At the wireless counter at Walmart stores
    • Online at
    • By contacting Family Mobile Customer Service at 1-877-308-96211-877-308-9621 FREE

    If you are adding a line to your account, you can do that through any of the methods above or through the Automated Phone system at 611 on your handset.

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  • Activation requirements

    Before activating service with Family mobile, be sure that you have met all requirements to establish new service:

    • Perform a Family Mobile coverage check
    • Have a Family Mobile phone or unlocked GSM phone for each line you want to activate.
    • Have a Family Mobile Starter Kit on hand for each phone you want to activate. Starter Kits include an Activation code and SIM card, which will be needed during activation. You can purchase Starter Kits for $25 at participating Walmart stores or at
    • Primary Account Holder must be 18 or over.
      Exception: Puerto Rico customers must be 21 or over.
    • Primary Account Holder must have a government-issued ID.

    When activating you will not need any of the following:

    • Payment in advance. Family Mobile is billed after the fact (postpaid). You will receive your first bill approximately two to three weeks after activating service.
    • Social Security number. No credit check is required to begin Family Mobile service.
    • An Extras Pack balance. The Extras Pack is only needed for services not included in your monthly service fee, such as international long distance or roaming.

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  • After Activation

    Following activation, your service should be activated within two hours, unless you are transferring a number, in which case it may take longer to activate.

    Once activated, we'll send you a welcome text and another message with your temporary password. Use this password to establish your online support account, where you can view and pay your bill, manage your account and user access, receive device support, refill your Extras Pack and more. Visit the User Guide if you need help setting this up.

    In approximately two to three weeks, your first bill will be generated, and you will receive a text message letting you know it is available to view on You will not receive a paper bill. Your first bill will be for approximately two weeks of service, and will cover all lines on the account, taxes and fees included. For details on how to view and pay your bill, see the Billing and Payments page.

    If you are using a phone other than a Family Mobile phone, it's possible that you may need to take another step before you can begin using the service. For details, see the Phone requirements section below.

    Don't forget to check out our New Customer Information page for everything you need to get the most out of your Family Mobile Service!

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  • Number of lines allowed

    A maximum of five lines can be activated per Family Mobile account. If you want more than five lines, you must activate another Family Mobile account.

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  • Phone requirements

    If you are using a non-Family Mobile phone, you may need to update your device settings to work on our Network. If you are experience problems using a non-Family Mobile phone, visit our Other Phones page and check that your Internet and Picture Messaging (MMS) Settings are correct. You may need to refer to your phone manual for instruction on how to navigate to these settings using your phone menu.

    If you receive an "unlock required" message, your phone will need to be unlocked by the original carrier. Call the wireless service that originally provided you with the phone and let them know that you need to unlock the phone for another carrier.

    The following devices either will not work or have limited functionality on the Family Mobile network:

    • BlackBerry
    • Nokia Lumia 710
    • Sidekick

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  • Rate plan and feature selection

    When activating new service, you will automatically receive our Family Mobile Unlimited Talk & Text rate plan. During the activation flow, you will be given the option of selecting a Family Mobile Data feature for a monthly charge. Choose an option that best fits your needs and budget:

    • 1 GB 4G/LTE ($5/mo)
      • Starter amount ideal for periodic web browsing. If Wi-Fi is your primary data source, this may fit your needs.
    • 3 GB 4G/LTE (15/mo)
      • Recommended for customers on the go with heavier data needs, including the following:
        • Web browsing
        • Media streaming (music, videos, etc.)
        • Online gaming
        • GPS / Turn-by-turn navigation

    Customers who activated service prior to July 14, 2013 still have the option to purchase a Speed Boost feature. For more information, visit our Speed Boost Options page.

    If you are adding a line, and are on the grandfathered Unlimited Talk & Text & Web plan, you will be given the option to switch to the Family Mobile Unlimited Talk & Text rate plan as part of the process. For details, see Changing your rate plan.

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